Tempress and the Sanitary industry

Tempress A/S is one of the leading players in supplying instruments to the food processing industry and the pharmaceutical industry, where high demands for hygiene are present. Tempress A/S offers a comprehensive product range for measuring pressure and temperature in all kinds of hygienic applications. Tempress’ instruments are used in conjunction with pumps, filters, separators, tanks, vessels and homogenisers.

Diaphragm seals for Sanitary industry

The diaphragm seals from Tempress are characterized by very high accuracy and long-life cycles. The diaphragm seals fulfill the highest hygienic standards and are made in accordance with international standards such as ISO, DIN, ASME, RJT, IFD and many others. Moreover, many of the designs are approved by 3-A, reg. no 641.

Tempress’ diaphragm seals for hygienic purposes are well documented and can be supplied with:

  • 2.2 material certificates
  • 3.1 traceability certificates
  • Calibration certificates

Tempress’ diaphragm seals are only filled with transmission liquids that conform to USP/FDA/BP/HP EURO/DAB/E422/FCC III and Japanese pharmacopoeia standards.


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