Thermometer type A81 With Clamp Connection

Case size DN100 (4″)

Sensor diameter Ø10 or Ø13mm (0.4″ or 0.5″)

Short sensor length

Connection 1½” or 2″ clamp ISO 2852 (Tri-clamp®)

Wetted parts AISI 316

Temperature compensation

Measuring range from -40°C to 250°C (-40-480°F)

Unique resistance to corrosion, damp, vibrations and wear

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Max. L 560mm
Filling media inert gas

A8103 – polished
Case: size
Case Material
Glass face

Stainless steel
Tempered safety glass
Stainless steel
Liquid filling
Silicone oil
50mm (1.75″)
Connection clamp
DN38 (11/2″) or DN51 (2″)
according to ISO 2852
Sensor diameter
Ø10mm (0.4″) or Ø13mm (0.5″)
Max. L
MaterialAISI 316 surface finish
A8103 Ra ˂ 0.8 µm
Optional: Ra ˂ 0.5 µm
Filling media
Inert gas, Argon
Measuring range
-40°c TO +250°C (-40+480°F)

Thermometer type A81 With Clamp Connection


TEMPRESS gas pressure thermometer is made to meet the requirements of food and pharmaceutical industries.

The sensor is diameter 10 or 13 mm with a 1½” or 2″ clamp connection (Tri-clamp®). The sensor length depends on the diameter. Minimum with 13 mm sensor is L100mm which gives an immersion length of 50mm. The surface is for A8103 polished to Ra≤0.8µm or electropolished Ra≤0.5 µm.

The function is based on expansion of the filling medium in the closed sensor. The change of pressure actuates the spiral spring driving the movement. A built-in bimetallic coil compensates automatically for the effect on the reading caused by change of the ambient temperature.

The filling media is an inert gas which is 100% neutral to the environment. This makes the thermometer ideal for use in food and pharmaceutical industries.

Each individual thermometer is manufactured with great care and hand calibrated. TEMPRESS’ high quality standard ensures high accuracy, superb long time stability and long durability of the instruments.

Contact our sales department or your local TEMPRESS representative for further information.

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