sensing critical situations

Your operations and equipment are kept safe and stable with our precision and quality instruments.

Tempress is a Danish SME with approximately 17 employees and an in-house production team, located just outside Aarhus, Denmark. For more than 60 years we have manufactured instruments for process and heavy duty industries worldwide. We have our own R&D (Research & Development) staff and skilled employees developing our instruments to work and last in all kinds of environments – from the toughest chemical plants to the highest purities in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

If you are looking for a high accuracy in monitoring pressure and temperature, then choose our precision sensors. Made from high quality components in our own factories in Denmark and China and designed to withstand wear and tear from both the process it is measuring and the ambient environment it is exposed to.

Our product range includes standard products in our stock or specially designed products according to customer specifications and demand.

A hand holding a gauge with a range of 0 to 300 degrees Celsius.

Factory stock room with loading doors in focus

Our History

Tempress A/S began the production of pressure gauges and thermometers in 1949 under a Danish company name, which was later changed to Tempress in 1956. In the beginning, the production was in the center of Aarhus until we moved to larger facilities outside the city in 1960.

During all these years, Tempress has produced mechanical pressure and temperature instruments for many purposes. More and more electronics are incorporated in our product range allowing us to meet all kinds of demands including software coding of product solutions for technologies and systems of the future.

Our instruments are quality wise state-of-the-art and therefore sold to many leading manufacturers in different industries worldwide. Out of some 100,000 instruments produced each year more than 70% are exported. Mainly to the EU countries, but also to many overseas markets, in total to some 30 countries globally. To find a distributor of our products near you, click here.

In 2018 Tempress moved to the present headquarter just south of Aarhus allowing us to further improve internal and external logistics and strengthen our business efficiency.

We look forward to being your preferred business partner for many years to come.

Welcome to our world – worth measuring.