Pressure Gauge DN63 Type A10

Pressure Gauge DN63 Type A10

Bourdon type pressure gauge

  • Nominal size DN63, DN80, DN100 & DN160
  • Connection: Bottom or rear
  • Case material: AISI304
  • Front ring: AISI316
  • Front glass: Hardened
  • Measuring system: Brass/bronze, steel or AISI316
  • Measuring range: -1 bar through 1600 bar
  • Minimum range span: 1 bar
  • Glycerine filled, silicone filled or dry
  • Mounting: Direct, surface or panel
  • More than 20 different connection threads in either brass & AISI 316
  • Good long term stability
  • Vibration proof
  • Scale in accordance with international standards
  • Produced according to EN837-1
  • DNV approved

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Pressure Gauges: DN 63 type A1001
DN 80 type A1002
DN 100 type A1003
DN 160 type A1004
Case material:



Front glass

Front ring

Steel, black enamelled


AISI 304

Tempered safety glass

AISI 316

Liquid filling Glycerine or Silicone
Connection Brass, steel or AISI 316
See datasheet 1-260GB
Measuring system Brass/bronze, steel or AISI 316
Measuring range:


Min span:

From – 1 bar through 1600 bar


1 bar

Accuracy Cl. 1.0 (± 1,0% FS)
DN63: Cl. 1,6 (±1,6FS)
Measuring units bar, Kpa, Mpa, Kp/cm3, Kg/cm2, lb/in2, psi, mH2O, mbar, “HG, cmHg.
When dual scale marking is selected, the main unit is the inner scale.
Dimensions Please refer to datasheet: 1-262GB
Ambient and media temperature Please refer to datasheet: 1-261GB

Pressure Gauge DN63 Type A10


This gauge series is well suited for applications in any process and marine environment where local indication is required.


The TEMPRESS program of connecting nipples and mounting auxiliaries makes it possible to deliver thread type and mounting form as required.


The unique system for temperature compensation ensures a correct reading even under heavily fluctuating ambient temperatures (0-60°C).


The temperature compensation system si-moultaneously works as blasting protection, i.e. if the measuring system blasts due to overpressure, the temperature compensation is blown out from the back of the instrument.

Approved by DNV (Det Norske Veritas).

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A10 DN63 Pressure Gauges

Connection: Bottom Rear
Mounting Direct RearFlange Direct RearFlange Direct RearFlange Direct RearFlange Direct RearFlange Direct RearFlange Direct RearFlange Direct RearFlange
Range (bar) Interchangeable G1/2B G3/8B G1/4B Interchangeable G1/2B G3/8B G1/4B


0-1 R37214 R37214-B R37214-G12 R37214-BG12 R37214-G38 R37214-BG38 R37214-G14 R37214-BG14 R37220 R37220-BG14
0-1,6 R37215 R37215-B R37215-G12 R37215-BG12 R37215-G38 R37215-BG38 R37215-G14 R37215-BG14 R20569 R20569-BG14
0-2,5 R19560 R19560-B R19560-G12 R19560-BG12 R19560-G38 R19560-BG38 R19560-G14 R19560-BG14 R19059 R19059-BG14
0-4 R19187 R19187-B R19187-G12 R19187-BG12 R19187-G38 R19187-BG38 R19187-G14 R19187-BG14 R19030 R19030-BG14
0-6 R19188 R19188-B R19188-G12 R19188-BG12 R19188-G38 R19188-BG38 R19188-G14 R19188-BG14 R19138 R19138-BG14
0-10 R18850 R18850-B R18850-G12 R18850-BG12 R18850-G38 R18850-BG38 R18850-G14 R18850-BG14 R19032 R19032-BG14
0-16 R18849 R18849-B R18849-G12 R18849-BG12 R18849-G38 R18849-BG38 R18849-G14 R18849-BG14 R20568 R20568-BG14
0-25 R19189 R19189-B R19189-G12 R19189-BG12 R19189-G38 R19189-BG38 R19189-G14 R19189-BG14 R19441 R19441-BG14
0-40 R19025 R19025-B R19025-G12 R19025-BG12 R19025-G38 R19025-BG38 R19025-G14 R19025-BG14 R37221 R37221-BG14
0-60 R19190 R19190-B R19190-G12 R19190-BG12 R19190-G38 R19190-BG38 R19190-G14 R19190-BG14 R37222 R37222-BG14

High Pressure

0-100 R49513 R49513-B R49513-G12 R49513-BG12 R49513-G38 R49513-BG38 R49513-G14 R49513-BG14 R49730 R49730-BG14
0-160 R47916 R47916-B R47916-G12 R47916-BG12 R47916-G38 R47916-BG38 R47916-G14 R47916-BG14 R54237 R54237-BG14
0-250 R49181 R49181-B R49181-G12 R49181-BG12 R49181-G38 R49181-BG38 R49181-G14 R49181-BG14 R49145 R49145-BG14
0-400 R46930 R46930-B R46930-G12 R46930-BG12 R46930-G38 R46930-BG38 R46930-G14 R46930-BG14 R49985 R49985-BG14
0-600 R49304 R49304-B R49304-G12 R49304-BG12 R49304-G38 R49304-BG38 R49304-G14 R49304-BG14 R50779 R50779-BG14
0-1000 R50683 R50683-B R50683-G12 R50683-BG12 R50683-G38 R50683-BG38 R50683-G14 R50683-BG14 R53581 R53581-BG14

Vakuum & Compound

-1-0 R19439 R19439-B R19439-G12 R19439-BG12 R19439-G38 R19439-BG38 R19439-G14 R19439-BG14 R19440 R19440-BG14
-1+1,5 R37210 R37210-B R37210-G12 R37210-BG12 R37210-G38 R37210-BG38 R37210-G14 R37210-BG14 R49982 R49982-BG14
-1+3 R37211 R37211-B R37211-G12 R37211-BG12 R37211-G38 R37211-BG38 R37211-G14 R37211-BG14 R49744 R49744-BG14
-1+5 R37212 R37212-B R37212-G12 R37212-BG12 R37212-G38 R37212-BG38 R37212-G14 R37212-BG14 R49514 R49514-BG14
-1+9 R37213 R37213-B R37213-G12 R37213-BG12 R37213-G38 R37213-BG38 R37213-G14 R37213-BG14 R51170 R51170-BG14
-1+15 000409-003 000409-003-B 000409-003-G12 000409-003-BG12 000409-003-G38 000409-003-BG38 000409-003-G14 000409-003-BG14 R54747 R54747-BG14

Single contact

(1 contact point)

Avaliable contact types:


Contact Function : Break


Contact Function : Close


Contact Function : Shift


Contact Function Separate Circuits : Break


Contact Function Separate Circuits : Close


Double contact

(2 contact points)

Avaliable contact types:


Shift contact

(2 contact points switch function)

Avaliable contact types:

KN and KM

Double contact

(2 contact pointers seperate Circuits)

Avaliable contact types:

KN and KM

Triple contact

(3 contact pointers)

Avaliable contact types:

KN and KM

Triple contact

(3 contact pointers)

Avaliable contact types:

KN and KM

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