Product news: programmable pressure transmitters

A new flexible pressure transmitter shows the way with a new series of programmable transmitters. Customers save production time and get easier access to state-of-the-art pressure transmitter technology.

A newly developed series of programmable transmitters, gives to Tempress’ customers, fast and flexible access to better customised solutions. Instead of long production times with traditional transmitters with standard ranges, the new series can be programmed prior to delivery/mounting. The programming can be done either in Tempress’ factory or at the customer site, if you have the necessary software tool.

Typically, a standard transmitter from 0-10 bar can be downscaled to 0-4 bar quickly and securely – thereby fitting to concrete specifications. It reduces the delivery time to our customers and increases the flexibility for the customers being able to supply.

The development towards active software inside our products (IoT) follows the trends and demands of the industry. And in the future these will be found in a number of the new products from Tempress. The new pressure transmitters can be delivered from day to day, which is a big advantage to our customers, where customised solutions for the end user is an important parameter.