New instruments keep an eye on climate gases

SF6 gas is extremely damaging for the climate and must therefore only be used in few areas such as in the electric isolaters for high power in the electro industry. It is in inert gas and is very efficient in preventing dangerous sparks and is at the moment the only feasible gas for this purpose.

Because SF6 is in particularly dangerous to the environment – up to 23,000 times more damaging than CO2 – there are strict rules to prevent leaks from transformers etc. In each isolator which contains SF6, there must be a sensor, which controls the density within the gas and thereby controlling the leak of gas. Tempress’ SF6 Density Switch is a vital part of the equipment and we have an excellent cooperation with General Electric concerning this advanced equipment.

Climate and environmental sectors are important to Tempress, which supplies equivalent products to many other customers around the world. Customers like Kepco, South Korea for electric trains and Fokstone, China with the Ship building industry. Very often the products are customized to meet strict demands for quality and precision. Our agents are willing to help you with technical guidance.