Refrigeration Pressure Gauge DN80 Type A10

Refrigeration Pressure Gauge DN80 Type A10

  • Liquid filled
  • Connection: bottom or rear
  • Direct, wall or panel mounting
  • More than 40 different connecting threads
  • Long-term stable
  • Vibration protected
  • Many types of refrigeration scales, graded in pressure and temperature

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Pressure Gauges: DN 63 type A1001
DN 80 type A1002
DN 100 type A1003
DN 160 type A1004
Case material:



Glass face:


Steel, black enamelled


AISI 304

Tempered safety glass

AISI 316

Liquid filling Glycerine
Connection Brass, steel or AISI 316
Measuring system Brass/bronze, steel or AISI 316
Range: -1-0+12 bar/°C
-1-0+25 bar/°C


Other ranges on request

Accuracy Cl. 1.0 (± 1,0% FS)



R22, R134a, R236fa, R290, R404, R407, R410, R422, R427, R449, R502, R507, R717, R744, R1234ze, R1270


Other media on request

Ambient and media temperature and dimensions See separate data sheet no. 1-261GB and 1-262GB

Refrigeration Pressure Gauge DN80 Type A10


This series of pressure gauges is well suited for application in the refrigeration industry.


The TEMPRESS program of connecting nipples and mounting auxiliaries makes it

possible to deliver thread type and mounting form as required.

The program of refrigeration scales cover most refrigeration media available on the

market. The scale can be delivered with 1, 2 or 3 refrigeration media.


The unique system for temperature compensation ensures a correct reading even under heavily fluctuating ambient temperatures (0-60°C)


The temperature compensation system simultaneously works as blasting protection, i.e. if

the measuring system blasts due to overpressure, the temperature compensation is blown out from the back of the instrument.

Approved by DNV (Det Norske Veritas).

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A10 DN80

Bottom Rear
Direct RearFlange Direct RearFlange Direct RearFlange Direct RearFlange Direct RearFlange Direct RearFlange Direct RearFlange Direct RearFlange
Range (bar) Interchangeable G1/2B G3/8B G1/4B Interchangeable G1/2B G3/8B G1/4B


0-1 R27683 R27683-B R27683-G12 R27683-BG12 R27683-G38 R27683-BG38 R27683-G14 R27683-BG14
0-1,6 R38659 R38659-B R38659-G12 R38659-BG12 R38659-G38 R38659-BG38 R38659-G14 R38659-BG14 R50544 R50544-B R50544-G12 R50544-BG12 R50544-G38 R50544-BG38 R50544-G14 R50544-BG14
0-2,5 R29277 R29277-B R29277-G12 R29277-BG12 R29277-G38 R29277-BG38 R29277-G14 R29277-BG14 R47597 R47597-B R47597-G12 R47597-BG12 R47597-G38 R47597-BG38 R47597-G14 R47597-BG14
0-4 R21862 R21862-B R21862-G12 R21862-BG12 R21862-G38 R21862-BG38 R21862-G14 R21862-BG14 R47595 R47595-B R47595-G12 R47595-BG12 R47595-G38 R47595-BG38 R47595-G14 R47595-BG14
0-6 R19380 R19380-B R19380-G12 R19380-BG12 R19380-G38 R19380-BG38 R19380-G14 R19380-BG14 R47588 R47588-B R47588-G12 R47588-BG12 R47588-G38 R47588-BG38 R47588-G14 R47588-BG14
0-10 R19381 R19381-B R19381-G12 R19381-BG12 R19381-G38 R19381-BG38 R19381-G14 R19381-BG14 R49387 R49387-B R49387-G12 R49387-BG12 R49387-G38 R49387-BG38 R49387-G14 R49387-BG14
0-16 R19382 R19382-B R19382-G12 R19382-BG12 R19382-G38 R19382-BG38 R19382-G14 R19382-BG14 R49576 R49576-B R49576-G12 R49576-BG12 R49576-G38 R49576-BG38 R49576-G14 R49576-BG14
0-25 R22710 R22710-B R22710-G12 R22710-BG12 R22710-G38 R22710-BG38 R22710-G14 R22710-BG14 R49272 R49272-B R49272-G12 R49272-BG12 R49272-G38 R49272-BG38 R49272-G14 R49272-BG14
0-40 R30039 R30039-B R30039-G12 R30039-BG12 R30039-G38 R30039-BG38 R30039-G14 R30039-BG14 R49470 R49470-B R49470-G12 R49470-BG12 R49470-G38 R49470-BG38 R49470-G14 R49470-BG14
0-60 R33118 R33118-B R33118-G12 R33118-BG12 R33118-G38 R33118-BG38 R33118-G14 R33118-BG14 R52496 R52496-B R52496-G12 R52496-BG12 R52496-G38 R52496-BG38 R52496-G14 R52496-BG14

High Pressure

0-100 R49355 R49355-B R49355-G12 R49355-BG12 R49355-G38 R49355-BG38 R49355-G14 R49355-BG14 R50072 R50072-B R50072-G12 R50072-BG12 R50072-G38 R50072-BG38 R50072-G14 R50072-BG14
0-160 000417-008 000417-008-B 000417-008-G12 000417-008-BG12 000417-008-G38 000417-008-BG38 000417-008-G14 000417-008-BG14
0-250 R49914 R49914-B R49914-G12 R49914-BG12 R49914-G38 R49914-BG38 R49914-G14 R49914-BG14
0-400 R50110 R50110-B R50110-G12 R50110-BG12 R50110-G38 R50110-BG38 R50110-G14 R50110-BG14

Vakuum & Compound

-1-0 R19378 R19378-B R19378-G12 R19378-BG12 R19378-G38 R19378-BG38 R19378-G14 R19378-BG14
-1+0,6 R50491 R50491-B R50491-G12 R50491-BG12 R50491-G38 R50491-BG38 R50491-G14 R50491-BG14
-1+1,5 R37223 R37223-B R37223-G12 R37223-BG12 R37223-G38 R37223-BG38 R37223-G14 R37223-BG14 000416-004 000416-004-B 000416-004-G12 000416-004-BG12 000416-004-G38 000416-004-BG38 000416-004-G14 000416-004-BG14
-1+3 R37224 R37224-B R37224-G12 R37224-BG12 R37224-G38 R37224-BG38 R37224-G14 R37224-BG14
-1+5 R37225 R37225-B R37225-G12 R37225-BG12 R37225-G38 R37225-BG38 R37225-G14 R37225-BG14 R49578 R49578-B R49578-G12 R49578-BG12 R49578-G38 R49578-BG38 R49578-G14 R49578-BG14
-1+9 R37226 R37226-B R37226-G12 R37226-BG12 R37226-G38 R37226-BG38 R37226-G14 R37226-BG14 R53863 R53863-B R53863-G12 R53863-BG12 R53863-G38 R53863-BG38 R53863-G14 R53863-BG14
-1+12 R54997 R54997-B R54997-G12 R54997-BG12 R54997-G38 R54997-BG38 R54997-G14 R54997-BG14 000416-021 000416-021-B 000416-021-G12 000416-021-BG12 000416-021-G38 000416-021-BG38 000416-021-G14 000416-021-BG14
-1+15 R49144 R49144-B R49144-G12 R49144-BG12 R49144-G38 R49144-BG38 R49144-G14 R49144-BG14
-1+25 R50071 R50071-B R50071-G12 R50071-BG12 R50071-G38 R50071-BG38 R50071-G14 R50071-BG14 000416-022 000416-022-B 000416-022-G12 000416-022-BG12 000416-022-G38 000416-022-BG38 000416-022-G14 000416-022-BG14

Single contact

(1 contact point)

Avaliable contact types:


Contact Function : Break


Contact Function : Close


Contact Function : Shift


Contact Function Separate Circuits : Break


Contact Function Separate Circuits : Close


Double contact

(2 contact points)

Avaliable contact types:


Shift contact

(2 contact points switch function)

Avaliable contact types:

KN and KM

Double contact

(2 contact pointers seperate Circuits)

Avaliable contact types:

KN and KM

Triple contact

(3 contact pointers)

Avaliable contact types:

KN and KM

Triple contact

(3 contact pointers)

Avaliable contact types:

KN and KM

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