Pressure Gauges with Level Scale Type A12

Pressure Gauges with Level Scale Type A12


  • The Tempress A12 pressure gauge has been designed and constructed using AISI 316 stainless and acid-proof steel
  • Vibration proof
  • Long term stable
  • Connection: Bottom or rear
  • Many different thread connections
  • Scale in accordance with international standard
  • DNV approved

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Pressure Gauges: DN 100
Type A1203
Case material:


Front glass

Front ring

AISI 316


Tempered safety glass

AISI 316

Liquid filling ˃ 2 bar Glycerine
˂ 2 bar Silicone
Option : Dry gauge
Connection AISI 316
See datasheet 1-260
Measuring system AISI 316


Min. span:

From – 1 bar through 1600 bar


See ordering key 1 bar

Accuracy Cl. 1.0 (± 1,0% FS)
Measuring units bar, Kpa, Mpa, Kp/cm3, Kg/cm2, lb/in2, psi, mH2O, mbar, “HG, cmHg.
When dual scale marking is selected, the main unit is the inner scale.
Ambient and media temperature and dimensions See separate data sheet
no. 1-261GB and 1-262GB

Pressure Gauges with Level Scale Type A12


This series of pressure gauges is well suited for application in general industry, marine industry as well as for auxiliary installation in the food industry.


The Tempress program of connecting  nipples and mounting auxiliaries makes it possible to deliver thread type and mounting form as required.


The unique temperature compensation system ensures an accurate display. Under conditions where the ambient temperature may vary, automatic compensation is made for temperature changes of up to 60°C.


The temperature compensation system also functions as a blow-out mechanism. Should the measuring system burst due to excess pressure, the temperature compensation system is pushed out the back of the instrument.

The TEMPRESS direct mount pressure gauge is DNV (Det Norske Veritas) approved.

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A12 Pressure Gauges

Bottom Rear
Direct RearFlange Direct RearFlange Direct RearFlange Direct RearFlange Direct RearFlange Direct RearFlange Direct RearFlange Direct RearFlange
Range (bar) Interchangeable G1/2B G3/8B G1/4B Interchangeable G1/2B G3/8B G1/4B


0-1 R42633 R42633-B R42633-G12 R42633-BG12 R42633-G38 R42633-BG38 R42633-G14 R42633-BG14
0-1,6 R52289 R52289-B R52289-G12 R52289-BG12 R52289-G38 R52289-BG38 R52289-G14 R52289-BG14
0-2,5 R42634 R42634-B R42634-G12 R42634-BG12 R42634-G38 R42634-BG38 R42634-G14 R42634-BG14 R50412 R50412-B R50412-G12 R50412-BG12 R50412-G38 R50412-BG38 R50412-G14 R50412-BG14
0-4 R42635 R42635-B R42635-G12 R42635-BG12 R42635-G38 R42635-BG38 R42635-G14 R42635-BG14 R49774 R49774-B R49774-G12 R49774-BG12 R49774-G38 R49774-BG38 R49774-G14 R49774-BG14
0-6 R42636 R42636-B R42636-G12 R42636-BG12 R42636-G38 R42636-BG38 R42636-G14 R42636-BG14 R52343 R52343-B R52343-G12 R52343-BG12 R52343-G38 R52343-BG38 R52343-G14 R52343-BG14
0-10 R42637 R42637-B R42637-G12 R42637-BG12 R42637-G38 R42637-BG38 R42637-G14 R42637-BG14 R50495 R50495-B R50495-G12 R50495-BG12 R50495-G38 R50495-BG38 R50495-G14 R50495-BG14
0-16 R42638 R42638-B R42638-G12 R42638-BG12 R42638-G38 R42638-BG38 R42638-G14 R42638-BG14 R49933 R49933-B R49933-G12 R49933-BG12 R49933-G38 R49933-BG38 R49933-G14 R49933-BG14
0-25 R42639 R42639-B R42639-G12 R42639-BG12 R42639-G38 R42639-BG38 R42639-G14 R42639-BG14 R51238 R51238-B R51238-G12 R51238-BG12 R51238-G38 R51238-BG38 R51238-G14 R51238-BG14
0-40 R44514 R44514-B R44514-G12 R44514-BG12 R44514-G38 R44514-BG38 R44514-G14 R44514-BG14
0-60 R44515 R44515-B R44515-G12 R44515-BG12 R44515-G38 R44515-BG38 R44515-G14 R44515-BG14 R55079 R55079-B R55079-G12 R55079-BG12 R55079-G38 R55079-BG38 R55079-G14 R55079-BG14

>High Pressure

0-100 R52424 R52424-B R52424-G12 R52424-BG12 R52424-G38 R52424-BG38 R52424-G14 R52424-BG14
0-160 R42703 R42703-B R42703-G12 R42703-BG12 R42703-G38 R42703-BG38 R42703-G14 R42703-BG14 R55081 R55081-B R55081-G12 R55081-BG12 R55081-G38 R55081-BG38 R55081-G14 R55081-BG14
0-250 R42704 R42704-B R42704-G12 R42704-BG12 R42704-G38 R42704-BG38 R42704-G14 R42704-BG14
0-400 R50259 R50259-B R50259-G12 R50259-BG12 R50259-G38 R50259-BG38 R50259-G14 R50259-BG14 R55080 R55080-B R55080-G12 R55080-BG12 R55080-G38 R55080-BG38 R55080-G14 R55080-BG14
0-600 R54018 R54018-B R54018-G12 R54018-BG12 R54018-G38 R54018-BG38 R54018-G14 R54018-BG14
0-1000 R55303 R55303-B R55303-G12 R55303-BG12 R55303-G38 R55303-BG38 R55303-G14 R55303-BG14

Vakuum & Compound

-1-0 R42631 R42631-B R42631-G12 R42631-BG12 R42631-G38 R42631-BG38 R42631-G14 R42631-BG14
-1+0,6 R53880 R53880-B R53880-G12 R53880-BG12 R53880-G38 R53880-BG38 R53880-G14 R53880-BG14
-1+1,5 R42632 R42632-B R42632-G12 R42632-BG12 R42632-G38 R42632-BG38 R42632-G14 R42632-BG14 R53614 R53614-B R53614-G12 R53614-BG12 R53614-G38 R53614-BG38 R53614-G14 R53614-BG14
-1+3 R44512 R44512-B R44512-G12 R44512-BG12 R44512-G38 R44512-BG38 R44512-G14 R44512-BG14 R55345 R55345-B R55345-G12 R55345-BG12 R55345-G38 R55345-BG38 R55345-G14 R55345-BG14
-1+5 R44513 R44513-B R44513-G12 R44513-BG12 R44513-G38 R44513-BG38 R44513-G14 R44513-BG14
-1+9 R48769 R48769-B R48769-G12 R48769-BG12 R48769-G38 R48769-BG38 R48769-G14 R48769-BG14
-1+12 R50334 R50334-B R50334-G12 R50334-BG12 R50334-G38 R50334-BG38 R50334-G14 R50334-BG14 R49820 R49820-B R49820-G12 R49820-BG12 R49820-G38 R49820-BG38 R49820-G14 R49820-BG14
-1+15 R49581 R49581-B R49581-G12 R49581-BG12 R49581-G38 R49581-BG38 R49581-G14 R49581-BG14
-1+25 R48770 R48770-B R48770-G12 R48770-BG12 R48770-G38 R48770-BG38 R48770-G14 R48770-BG14

Single contact

(1 contact point)

Avaliable contact types:


Contact Function : Break


Contact Function : Close


Contact Function : Shift


Contact Function Separate Circuits : Break


Contact Function Separate Circuits : Close


Double contact

(2 contact points)

Avaliable contact types:


Shift contact

(2 contact points switch function)

Avaliable contact types:

KN and KM

Double contact

(2 contact pointers seperate Circuits)

Avaliable contact types:

KN and KM

Triple contact

(3 contact pointers)

Avaliable contact types:

KN and KM

Triple contact

(3 contact pointers)

Avaliable contact types:

KN and KM

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