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Tempress -

"one for it all"

Tempress is Scandinavia's largest manufacturer of quality gauges for measuring of temperature, pressure and level. The 70 employees in the company produce over 100,000 units annually, of which by far the majority is produced to customer orders and   exported throughout the world.
Since it was founded in 1956, the company has been involved in five key areas:
Food/pharmaceutical industry
Processing industry
Machinery/apparatus industry

Custom-made Production
Tempress has a comprehensive product range which is developed and produced by highly qualified employees.
The product range is built up using a modular system resulting in a very high degree of flexibility. It will nearly always be possible to provide each customer with an optimal solution from these modules. If not, Tempress will gladly work with the customer to develop exactly the solution required - both in terms of quality and price.
Quality, product development and flexibility form the basis for the success of the company. Tempress' own development department is the core element in the design of the solution required by each customer.

Guarantee of Quality
Tempress is ISO 9001 certified and operates in accordance with the concept: professional advice, production of quality products and fast, precise delivery. If you press
here you can download a copy of our ISO 9001 certificate. Please note that the file is in PDF-fomat.

One Supplier for Everything
Tempress' wide product range comprises both electronic and mechanical gauges for measuring and controlling industrial processes. Tempress is therefore the ideal choice as a total supplier of equipment for measuring temperature, pressure and level.


Bellow diaphragm seal - for salt water and sour gasses

Bellow diaphragm sealOver the years have we in Tempress often received the question – do you have a pressure gauge suitable for salt water or other corrosive medias. With the development of our new Bellow diaphragm seal can we now offer a unique solution suitable for all our pressure gauges and pressure transmitters. Read more here.

Meet us at Marintec in Shanghai  


From November 29 to December 2 2011 Tempress A/S will be exhibiting at Marinetec in Shanghai.

Tempress A/S will be located at stand 5G21 Hall W5 together with our distributor Hua Hai.

You will have the oppertunity to meet Mr. Bjørn Sahl and the Chinese salesstaf.

18. March 2010: news letter no. 8

Tempress introduce new Mechatronic thermometer.A88 ny 3.JPG

To supplement our already well known range of mechatronic products have we developed a combined thermometer type A88 for temperature up to 300º C.

Read more HERE.

Meet us at SMM Hamburg


September 23-26, 2008 Tempress will be exhibiting at SMM in Hamburg - the world's largest marine fair. You will have the opportunity to meet Bjørn Sahl and Jesper Schmidt in Hall B1, ground floor, stand 891, together with the Danish Marine Group.

Read more about the trade fair HERE

16. May 2007: Newsletter no. 2  

Mechatronic ThermometerNew and improved version of the mechatronic thermometer can now be presented. The updated instrument has been improved on the design as well as on functionality.

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8. February 2007: Newsletter no. 1

APS_termometer.jpgDelivering thousands of thermometers based on the Plus Line concept to Stolt-Nielsen, the Norwegian shipping line, is due to Tempress' ability to live up to their absolutely exceptional quality requirements. Tempress' continious development of the Plus Line concept has implied lower prices on the product ranges and still matches customers' requirements.  

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1. December 2006, Newsletter No. 7

Product development in Tempress requires close  technical and commercial collaboration not least with our subsidiary Elmetec A/S. Our customers are very interested in our new designed products such as mechatronic thermometers and SwipGuard.004.jpg


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15 September 2006, Newsletter No. 6DSC0860_small_2.jpg

Tempress' mechatronic thermometers for measuring exhaust gas can potentially replace previous solutions. Tempress has developed the mechatronic thermometer in collaboration with MAN B&W and Hyundai.

Come and see us at the up-coming SMM exhibition in Hamburg. Also, read more news here.

Meet us at SMM Hamburg

September 26-29, 2006 Tempress will be exhibiting at SMM in Hamburg - the world's largest marine fair. You will have the opportunity to meet Bjørn Sahl, Søren Kruhøffer, and Poul Stensgaard in Hall 9, stand 09EG551, together with the Danish Marine Group.SMM_logo.jpg

23.06.06 News no 5, June 2006

When companies such as NNE, Astra Tech and Alpharma enter into working relationships and agreements with Tempress for the supply of instruments, this is a compliment to our ability to document quality and point of origin. P1246 150.jpg

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08.05.06 News no 4, May 2006

Tempress has recently developed a new product – a contact manometer – designed to meet a specific customer’s requirementsTempress (lille).gif

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28.03.06 News no 3, february 2006

Tempress has made use of the latest developments in nanotechnology to develop a diaphragm seal that can be used in the most aggressive chemical environments.Tantalium flange.jpg

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15.11.05 News no 2, november 2005

KEPCO – the Korea Electronic Power Corporation – has given Tempress the seal of approval as a manufacturer, and we have now been asked to supply the Korean railways with advanced monitoring equipment. The initial order is for 550 Tempress gas density monitors – equipment that will ensure the safe, efficient supply of electricity to Korea’s new high-speed trains.

Read more HERE.

Read the full News no 2, november 2005 HERE

060508 News no 1, september 2005

Good value for the customer

Tempress has altered its overall strategy. The company has moved from a focus as a supplier of products to a new focus on development and meeting market requirements. Part of this new approach includes an e-newsletter. In future, we intend to be even better at showing exactly what we are capable of. Read more ..

 SwipGuard  PED approved Pressostats as safty switch

Articel from APV          Datasheet

14.06.05 New

 Diffrential Pressure Switch w. 2 contact microswitch output

03.01.05   New

Tempress Bi-Metal Thermometer



Merry Christmas

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New Autoclavable Pressure gauge launched by Tempress


Tempress launch a new homepage


Marine approval for Pressure Transmitters



Online Ordering system



Plusline, The costeffective gauge from Tempress


The in line diaphragm seal by Tempress