Speedy Tempress on Danish Television

Tempress was ready to sell to Iran as soon as the embargo was lifted. The benefits was a fine TV story, while other Danish companies prepared their first visit to the new Iranian market.

Early 2016, the embargo against Iran was lifted and Tempress was one of the first companies to receive orders from their agent. Therefore, Tempress was used as a great business case within Dansk Industri on Danish TV during prime-time. At the same time, a number of significant Danish companies were organising business delegations to the newly opened Iranian market. The story also shows that Tempress has practised a long and strong relation with a good agent in Teheran. The company Tina Kia Tak Co was motivated at all times, updated and ready to fill up stock as soon as it was allowed to import from Denmark.It is especially within the refrigeration line of business there is a will to buy. In this sector, they lack measuring instruments for ammonia applications – vital for many businesses in a warm country like Iran. The agent and Tempress have kept a strong relation intact during the embargo. Therefore, the agent knew exactly how he could meet the Iranian market with the right products. Characteristic about the success story also is that the agent gets strong, technical support along with the fact that demands and regulations are in accordance with the latest Iranian laws. It is expected that the agent in Iran, in future, will be successful in other business sectors, and will grow and sell more of Tempress’ products to other countries in the Middle East.